Socialism is that too!

mercoledì 10 dicembre 2008.

2008, September 9th Statement

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Socialism is that too!
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In last weeks even four hurricanes, called Gustav, Hanna, Ike and Paloma have hit Cuba, Haiti and other Caribbean islands and USA coasts of the Gulf of Mexico, and they have devastated them. Dozens and hundreds of dead and wounded are reported everywhere, except Cuba where, up to now, the dead have been four. Cuba is also the area where ravages are the least. That is not because hurricanes force in Cuba is the least, as on the contrary the hurricane Ike is crossing at the height of its force all over the island. But because Cuban communist Party, the government, the Authorities and the mass organizations have duly organized the exodus to safe places of the population of the areas that hurricanes have hit most, because the whole population has been equipped and trained for a long time to cope with emergency and because the requisite structures are looked after in the best possible way in accordance with knowledge and resources of the country. In other countries the Authorities have at best ordered the population to evacuate or they only have warned it about the coming hurricane. And there is some more. In USA, Haiti and in the other hit islands, the vast majority of dead and wounded belongs to the poorer and marginalized strata of population, that the lest have safe shelters at their disposal. They are the most hit strata too by devastation of houses and of other constructions, because theirs are the ones built under lower standards. They are those who too will the lest or not at all be covered by insurance, who will have most difficulties to get by, to come back, to put in order houses, fields, etc. and to resume their activities. They are those who too will most be the victims of usurers and of other jackals that will exploit the urgent and instant need of money and the difficulties of the readjustment and of the resumption so as to appropriate houses and lands for next to nothing. They are those who too will be the victims of Authorities that will exploit the “natural calamity” to effect real estate speculation plans hard to carry out by expropriations in the normal course of events.

The hurricane is the same, though! But the social system is quite different!


Cuba is an immensely smaller and poorer country than USA. Moreover it is beleaguered and boycotted by USA government by means of economic and cultural embargo which, in spite of calamities, USA government has refused to suspend. And yet thanks to the more advanced social system, the society in Cuba provides for every residing person, both in the normal course of events and in case of natural calamities, assistance and safety conditions which most of USA population doesn’t get. Many will still remember what even bourgeois TV have shown when New Orleans (USA) and neighbouring USA regions were hit by the hurricane Katrina in August 2005. On that occasion Cuban Authorities have even offered to send at their expense a health unit and a hospital to USA, in aid of the victims left to their own devices. Not to mention countries like Haiti, poorer than USA, where the percentage of population prey to indigence and ignorance is larger than in USA. Nobody even knows there how many the dead are. With the hurricanes of these days, Haiti has become the new hunting ground for benevolent organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and other charities which unleashed themselves in collecting money.


Up to this point we have attract attention to what everybody has been able to see also watching state TV, Berlusconi’s TV, Vatican TV and the other bourgeois TV. All organs of bourgeois propaganda which don’t miss any opportunity to denigrate socialist countries. But they have talked of Cuba as little as possible on this occasion, not intending to let openly see the higher level of Cuba’s social system in comparison with the social system of the most advanced and rich imperialistic country too.

But there is another aspect of the matter that is to be helpfully considered. Why newspapers like il Manifesto , Liberazione and other publications and akin centres of information have not stressed such a glaring difference among Cuba and the other countries before the hurricanes of these days?

Because of anti-communism they have been practising for years, a so inveterate anti-communism that it has even become spontaneous. The denigration of communist movement and particularly of first socialist countries, of the collapsed ones, of the ones which are someway and to some extent holding out such as Cuba and of the ones which are after a fashion trying to follow in its footsteps such as Venezuela, is so systematic and so much assimilated in those information and opinion centres of the bourgeois left wing, that it has become “spontaneous”. They confirm their true colours on this occasion too: they are such organs of bourgeois and anti-communist information that it would be more accurate and true to call them organs of disinformation, of bewilderment, of poisoning, of diversion from the class struggle and of escapism. They actually keep quiet about socialism’s attainments and they are always ready to act as a sounding board about the “evils” of collapsed socialist countries, of the ones which have someway stood the weakness period that communist movement has gone through in the last few decades and of the ones which are after a fashion trying to follow in the footsteps of theirs.


Back home, with past April elections the bourgeois left wing (mainly represented in bourgeois politics’ play-acting by Communist Refoundation Party , Italian Communists’ Party , Democratic Left and Greens ) has collapsed. Those who have not jumped ship, are still fussing to survive. Among advanced workmen as well many wonder, fully bona fide, why has this collapse occurred and how to get off.

The problem essence lies in being in favour of socialism establishment or against it, in being for the elimination or anchored in defence of capitalism (though complaining about its evils and wishing a capitalism which there is not and cannot exist, because one cannot ask a capitalist for not trying to make profit, for not acting like a capitalist and at the same time for carrying on being a capitalist).

Bourgeois left wing is by its nature against the establishment of socialism; it is convinced that it is not possible to establish socialism, that “the communism is contrary to nature”, that “it is an utopia”; still less it operates so as to establish socialism. Also men and parties that profess to be communist but belong to bourgeois left wing, deal with everything except to mobilize the popular masses so as they establish socialism. This is essentially the source of the bourgeois left wing weakness before right wing, before Berlusconi, Veltroni, Benedict XVI, and company. This is essentially the source of its crisis!

Also the attitude of parties, organisms and exponents of the bourgeois left wing before the devastating hurricanes of these days reveals and confirms their class alignment. As well as their attitude before the speculation which is curtailing wages shows and confirms that: the speculation would be an unstoppable and abstract entity, so one can do a little or nothing to put an end to it. As well as their conduct before the war that international relations imperialistic system spreads in the world shows and confirms that: at best they would keep out of it.

The best of them complain and protest. But do they show the cause of all that? Do they show the remedy? Do they show how to put radically and definitively an end to the thousand tribulations that bourgeois social system imposes on the mankind? Do they exert themselves to mobilize the social forces actually interested in putting an end to the present situation?


Mankind has by now at its disposal all the material, scientific, intellectual and moral resources to provide decorous living conditions and social role for every man, every woman, every child and every elderly person, to promote full and growing participation of every individual in the specifically human activities, the ones which distinguish mankind from the other animal species, so as to safeguard successfully the environment and the world.

Bourgeois social system makes all that impossible, because the capital is its supreme rule and the profit of capital is the standard of its functioning. By its nature it is founded on the privileges of capitalists, of clergy and of the other exploiting and privileged classes. By its nature it puts the direction of the society into these classes’ hands. By its nature it dooms the mass of population to do its best so as to survive. By its nature it excludes most of mankind from the specifically human activities. It dooms most of mankind to indigence, to ignorance and to material, intellectual and moral brutishness. By its nature it pillages and ravages the world and makes it less and less habitable.

Socialism opens a new epoch of mankind’s history, it reopens to mankind the path of progress it has covered in the millennia lying behind us. It begins with the establishment of organized working class’ power: the direction of society must be taken over by the workmen organized into territorial and firm councils, into the mass organizations, into the communist party. Workmen have to get themselves organized to do that and to wipe out the bourgeoisie which stop their way and defends its power and its privileges by whatever means at its disposal and on all fields.

Communists’ main task, the first step that communists have to promote in the society is workmen’s organization, the communist movement’s renewal.

The first step the organized working class will have to take, once it will have taken the power, will be the nationalization of major means of production, of industry’s, services’ and agriculture’s big companies and their reorganization so that they won’t produce profit any longer, but will produce goods and services necessary to popular masses’ comfort, so that the work will be done under the most conformable conditions to dignity and to safeness of those who work and so that the environment will be safeguarded in the best possible way.

On this foundation, protecting and safeguarding it against those who will try to demolish it, mankind will begin levelling out and eliminating class differences and dealing with the unsolved contradictions of its history, which now, with today’s material, intellectual and moral means it can solve. Step by step, it will eliminate the division between executives and directed people, between intellectual and manual workmen, between management, organization and planning work and working labour, between men and women, adults and young people, town and country, between advanced countries, regions and sectors and backward ones. This way it will promote everybody’s largest participation in the specifically human activities and it will proceed towards the communist society.


To establish socialism it is necessary to create among workmen a high level of organization and political awareness, such that they succeed in overcoming the opposition and all sorts of obstacles (political, military and cultural ones) which bourgeoisie, clergy and the other exploiting classes oppose the communist movement’s renewal with.

But after the organized workmen will have taken the society direction too, socialism won’t be an easy and still less spontaneous undertaking.

Certainly it is a possible as well as necessary undertaking. It is possible because in the socialism it’s only a question of making universal and co-ordinate, and of effecting by new authorities’ direction, the best is already carried out today, but fragmentarily, in an uncoordinated manner and athwart other important society’s aspects which proceed, on the contrary, in quite another course. In the socialism all production units will cooperate one another like the departments of one big company already do today. All men and women fit for work will accomplish a part of work which the society is in need of, like workmen already do today. The best feelings and ideas will get to impose themselves, confident of common interest and not opposed any longer by the profit seeking of capitalists and by the need and the interests of the workmen who have to do their best so as to live on.

Socialism is so possible, but it won’t be an easy undertaking, which will be achieved by itself once one will have got rid of the masters. Because it constitutes the break, though gradual, with history, habits and culture lying behind us: of division into classes, of exploiting classes’ command, of oppressed classes’ (the greater part of mankind) submission to the ruling classes which have a monopoly on the culture and which reserve for themselves all other specifically human activities too.

It will be a question of bringing into being and promoting a new social order, new institutions, a new system of social relations and individual life, a new system of ideas and feelings conformable to the new tasks everybody will have to carry out and to the new conditions we will live in.

Socialism bases itself on the rising consciousness of population mass, on antisocial behaviours’ repression until they remain and in so far that it is necessary, on a real toleration.

Socialism bases itself on a more elevated consciousness level of population mass, which makes millions of individuals able to perform activities and roles they have, today and from time immemorial, been systematically excluded from. Which makes individuals capable en masse of taking society course’s responsibility that capitalists, clergy and the other notables today reserve for themselves: “you are not paid to think”, “here one has not to be in politics”, “everyone has to mind his own business”.

Socialism entails the organized workmen will impose with the coercion the carrying out of their social duties on individuals who don’t have enough consciousness yet to voluntarily discharge them. That’s what the proletarian dictatorship is. It is the coercion out of which the bourgeois and the priests so much make a scandal when they talk of first socialist countries. They don’t find fault with the coercion which today by means of money, of their charges, of unemployment, of their armed forces and of ignorance they impose on most workmen. But they consider intolerable and scandalous the organized workmen impose with the coercion to accomplish their social duties on those who will try to shirk them yet.

Socialism entails also a high level of toleration of different customs, ideas, habits, rituals and feelings. Only a high level of toleration will actually make possible for millions of individuals of different nations, traditions and cultures to work together on the tasks which by their nature are common and require collaboration. But the practical conditions for this toleration exist. The material foundation of this toleration will be the fact that everybody will have worry-free at his disposal what is necessary to his life. The moral foundation of this toleration will be the consciousness of common tasks and of commonality of everybody’s own lot, of the necessity for the men to work together from end to end of the earth, constituting one community not only effectively (as it already now happens, after the anarchic and violent fashion imposed by capitalist social system), but also consciously organized.

That is the way out of material, political, social, intellectual, moral and environmental decay the bourgeoisie has led mankind to.

Capitalist social system and the effort of bourgeoisie, of clergy and of the other exploiting classes to prolong its life are the main cause of the evils which are today afflicting the mankind. They are also the only real impediment to their solution.

Only the organization of workmen and their unconditional and relentless fight against those classes will lead us to establish socialism.


This is the task we communists set ourselves!

We appeal to every advanced workman, to the most generous women, to the most courageous young people so they join us to achieve this task!


Let’s more and more deeply unite to peoples that from end to end of the world are resisting the undeclared extermination war perpetrated by imperialistic bourgeoisie and by the other reactionary forces!


The imperialistic bourgeoisie foments and gears the civil war in our country too, it already wages today an undeclared extermination war against popular masses: it will be the victim of the war it furthers itself!

We communists are against the civil war the imperialistic bourgeoisie will set off in imperialistic countries too, but we don’t fear it and we prepare ourselves to fight and to win it!


Support with vigour and by all means the oppressed peoples’ resistance against imperialistic aggressors!


Each victory of the oppressed peoples against their aggressors is a victory of the popular masses of the whole world.


The communist movement has to take the lead of oppressed peoples’ resistance and of the resistance the popular masses of imperialistic countries oppose the imperialistic governments and the masters of their countries with.


The struggle to make Italy a new socialist country is the necessary context so that the political awareness and the organization of native and immigrated people’s masses of Italy grow in large and their struggle for attainments’ defence and widening and for a respectable and secure job for everybody, their resistance to the progression of the crisis, their struggle against the high cost of living, against speculators and against the Papal Court and the other Authorities that support them, against the fascist and racist activity of fascist action squads’ members and against the Criminal Organizations, for civilization and welfare strongly and successfully develop!


Let the most advanced workmen, women, young people enlist in the ranks of the communist Party, of the organisms of resistance and of the mass organizations and contribute to communist movement’s renewal!


Strengthen the central clandestine structure of (new)Italian Communist Party, multiply the number of clandestine Party Committees and improve their running, develop the work on the four fronts pointed out in the Work General Plan!


Build in every firm, habitation zone, mass organization a clandestine committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party!